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logo de l'entreprise ES abscisse  les initiales E S dans un cercle souligné des phases lunaires

Émilie , architect DE-HMONP

certified in a large number of

sectors and adept in the management of

BIM project, supports you in the

realization of your projects, from birth

from idea to design.




ES like


The place

This place in relation to the
preferred field of activity of its
occupants: architecture.

First art among the major art,
architecture draws its inspiration from
the main lines of history.

Esquisse (the sketch) , the starting point specific toeach architectural project.
A name in which the
letters ES, initials of the founder of
this co-working space.


Sketch - The Place


Ostal the concept

ES at


The concept

The choice of wood for the framework of your house has many advantages: speed and cleanliness of implementation, lightness and robustness of the material, reduced ecological impact, daily economy and optimal living comfort.

In addition to this, you need to know more about it.

Ostal becomes your reference point of contact with artisans: your project is fully supported by our team recognized in the Toulouse region.

Benefit from tailor-made support and choose from our various modules, for a quality construction adapted to your house project.

ES with


The pair

Two passionate architects, a complementary combination of character and skills, and the common desire to create, this is the very essence of the dual identity of ES-ED.

Their desire, to bring a new perspective on the act of building and to propose an innovative approach in connection with nature, light and the notion of eco-responsibility.

Their achievements reflect the desire to give life to your ideas of construction or rehabilitation, while maintaining a scale and a human need.

In addition to this, you need to know more about it.

Their multidisciplinary team will respond to your calls for tenders and public contracts throughout Occitania and France.

Capture d’écran 2021-04-09 à 20.33.51.


ES-ED - The binomial

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